Selected Projects

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2017: Strategic planning advice on Gender Mainstreaming; energy transition and self-organised housing for various municipalities and stakeholders in France, Switzerland and the Netherlands

2016: Developing training modules on gender mainstreaming and spatial planning in a Europan setting

2015: Balkan Centre: residence and service for senior immigrants (a new future for a former supermarket + residencies, Austria)

2014: Aging at home: extension/refurbishment of a historical detached house (NL)

2013: Smart homes: Energy-neutral Renovation for housing collectives (NL)

2012: C2C: furniture of waste building materials; Text-a-bility: multi-media pavilion of recycled textile (NL)

2011: Greening accomodations for, amongst others, the Franciskan order (NL)

2010: Inner City development: Dwaalmilieu Kop van Zuid (Rotterdam)

2009: Straatje Kleien: participative design in the neighbourhood (Rotterdam)

2008: Rural development: reviving an remote village (Spain)

2007: Healthy and accessible B&B (Hengelo, gld)

2006: Dura Coignet, history & future: the movie  (NL)

2005: Leilinden: proposal for a care-campus (Boskoop)

2004: Artist collective in monumental Poortgebouw: technical consultancy and participative design (Rotterdam)

2003: Room for every(ones) day: accessible urbanism (EU)

2002: SOLO House for the many phases and ways of being single

2001: Polderdroom: less energy, more flexibility in self-built homes

2000: Re-use of historical building for laywers cooperative (Rotterdam)

1999: Renovations and interior design