Publications by Lidewij Tummers:

About co-housing:

(November 2015) A contribution on co-housing in the Netherlands:

(May 2015) A critical review of co-housing research:

(March 2015) JURP special issue on co-housing :
Also available as book:

(March 2015) Introduction of the JURP special issue on co-housing :

(March 2015) Understanding co-housing from a planning perspective:

(November 2014) l’habitat participatif en Europe (in french, with Sabrina Bresson):

About Gender & urbanism/spatial planning:

co-founder of the European network gender, diversity and urban sustainability:

core member of the COST action genderSTE:

member of the ARL international working group on gender and spatial development:

(April 2015): “Stéréotypes de genre dans la pratique de l’urbanisme.” In: Mosconi, Nicole; Marion Paoletti, and Yves Raibaud (Eds) la revue Genre, Travail, Société 17, no. 33 79–96.

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Pdf download at

(2010) “To the Heart of Planning: Is the Hardware of Spatial Planning Open to Feminist Alternatives?” p117–136 in Geschlecht Und Innovation. Gender-Mainstreaming Im Techno-Wissenschaftsbetrieb, edited by Waltraud Ernst. Internationale Frauen- Und Genderforschung in NiedersachsenReihe Focus Gender 4. Berlin-Münster-Wien-Zürich-London: LIT Verlag

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(2007, with Margaret Andrews) Journey into unfamiliar space: utopia in practice
pp.59-73, Journal of Roman Studies vol. 7_-1_spring 2007